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Rajeev Subedi

I am working hard to finish my amazing new website. It's almost done:

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I am a professional SEO. I have been working long in SEO field and have gained extensive knowledge in Search Engine Optimization, Content & Blogging, On-Page / Site Optimization, Intermediate & Advanced SEO, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, Competitive Research, Search Engine Trends, Link Building, Technical SEO Issues, Social media optimization, SEO Events, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Vertical SEO: Video / Image / Local.

I focus on delivering the best quality SEO expert services, with highest results and rankings for every of my clients. I specialise in strategies that deliver the highest Return on Investment (RoI) for my clients and ensure that they dominate the natural search engine rankings in their chosen sector. My aim is to become an integral part of your online business success by making SEO the most profitable and successful part of your online marketing strategy.

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